Our vision is that Mendocino County becomes carbon neutral by 2030 and further draws down enough carbon to become carbon negative in support of California's goals while also mitigating the impacts of climate change on our communities.


The mission of Climate Action Mendocino is to create an engaged, diverse team of community members who work with local government and other groups.  We provide opportunities for investigation, education, advocacy and action on climate change issues in our County.


Our big project right now is Keep The Lights On - Ukiah KTLO-U.

We’re also working hard on No-Idling of Cars while waiting for shoppers or prescriptions or take out, also education outreach to schools, and investigation of the wood pellet plant in Calpella, mulching in the City parks to keep from using herbicides, working with the City on the General Plan, Housing Element, and Tree Advisory Group.

Our Team

Climate Action Mendocino has a diverse membership with a variety of interests and backgrounds.