Grant Opportunities for Energy Efficiancy

The US Department of Energy estimates that American homes contribute 40% of carbon emissions that are heating the globe. Through the Inflation Reduction Act, tax credits and rebates are now available to help you reduce the emissions from your home by upgrading energy efficiency, home heating and cooling, cooking, water heating, and more. These upgrades also reduce your utility bill, increase home health and safety, and everyday comfort.

The links below will help you get started.

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Why Take Action?

  • Carbon dioxide that exists in the atmosphere will remain there for centuries.
  • Methane, although remaining in the atmosphere for shorter periods, is a more potent heat trapper.
  • Many Innovations and ideas are circulating on how to combat the effects of these, and other, greenhouse gasses.
  • There is no time to lose in addressing the climate crisis. If we start now, we can make a significant impact.

A book our group particularly liked is Climate Restoration: The Only Future That Will Sustain the Human Race by Peter Fiekowsky with Carole Douglis. The book details solutions that are permanent, scalable and financeable. The Foundation for Climate Restoration offers a speakers series that can be found at:￾dec-13th-with-alan-hyman-13663600?e=b1900de607